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December 19 – Transformations

by Letty Watt


One day I was fascinated by a display of coloring books called Hidden Transformations and Zentangles in our new bookstore called “Bluebird Books”. Taking a couple of the books in hand, I sat in a soft armless chair and flipped through the black and white pages.

The owner peeped over my shoulder and said, “I think you’d like these books. They are fun ways to intrigue the mind.”

“It’s a coloring book, isn’t it?” I asked.

Melanie explained that these pictures needed a finer colored pencil, not crayons, to fill in the black and white lines.

“Why not? This looks like fun,” I walked out with a new coloring book and colored pencils.

Then like so many projects it began to collect dust until today.

Instead of a Christmas tree and packages decorating my house this time of year, it looked like a jungle of packed furniture, stacked drawers and chairs, plants in the hallway, couches in the kitchen, and a dining room table with a TV and speakers on it because today our new carpet for two large rooms arrived.

By noon the old carpet was out in the truck to be hauled off. After lunch I sat down to write quietly, only to have my computer create a glitch by not turning on. I nearly screamed with frustration, for fear of losing all earthly words on forgotten pages and my pictures!

While fretting over technology, we discovered that the order did not include carpet for the closet, but the carpet had been pulled out. Now we had new padding and not enough carpet and a computer that refused to work. The problems were compounding, and my head was frantic.

When the carpet layer placed the first roll down in the living room he turned to me with a look of doom. There before our eyes were three places that didn’t take the factory dye. My stomach knotted slightly, Christmas was a week away. The other two rolls were fine, so he began to install the carpet in our bedroom.

Before the company representative could arrive to give us our carpet options, the heating/AC company called to say they could be here within the hour to add the duct work to give us two more heating vents in the sunroom. With temperatures recently below zero this was important. Like twins the two people showed up at the same time.

We choose option one: to lay the defective carpet now, move the furniture back in, and await new carpet in two weeks, then move the furniture out again and rejoice when it’s completed without any extra charges, except for the chiropractor!

So while the house was busy with pounding, banging, and grunting, and the computer rebooting itself, I retreated to my writing room and found my coloring book. All afternoon I colored, transforming my problematic day into one of quiet retreat and colorful images, albeit not completed like my house and carpet.

Letty Watt’s interests revolve around the weather and the seasons. When it’s warm she’s outside playing golf or gardening; when it’s cold she’s inside writing, reading, and enjoying time with friends.