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April 26 – Something Happened That Day

by Jamuna Advani

 April 2, 1961 started as an ordinary day, as I headed for the Imphal airport. I had to go to Delhi for an interview for my post-graduate studies. I would have been bored all by myself, but my friend, Soroj, came along with me. We hired a jeep and reached the airport much ahead of time. After checking in my luggage
we took the vacant seats in the waiting area. Soroj and I chatted for some time and waited anxiously for the airplane to land. The aircraft was still at Kolkata airport and it was delayed for another twenty minutes. Soroj looked around and said, “ Jamuna, look at that fellow, he has the latest Filmfare in his hand.”

“Do you want me to ask him if we can borrow it?” I asked her.

“Sure, there is enough time; we can look at it and give it back to him in time.”

I got up and went to that gentleman and asked him if we could borrow the Filmfare for few minutes. Filmfare used to be a very poplar magazine written about movies stars. We both were crazy  for the movie stars and their stories. As the airplane landed and every one was ready to proceed to the aircraft, I returned the magazine to the gentleman with thanks.

Once we were inside the aircraft I took my assigned seat and buckled up. After few minutes I saw the same gentleman coming to the seat next me. Surprised, I wondered if he had changed his seat with someone else to get this seat. Anyway when the aircraft was in the air and we’d settled comfortably in our seats, he
introduced himself as Rup. He knew me as a nurse working in the civil hospital. We also knew a common friend, Kumar, who was a regular supplier of surgical equipments in our hospital.  That day he was heading for Mumbai but he changed his destination. Instead he came to Delhi where his family lived.

I married this gentleman after six months.

Jamuna Devi Advani graduated with a degree in Nursing at Delhi University in 1958. She has published articles and poems in school magazines, and recently in Story Circle Network magazines. During her school years she played badminton and women’s hockey, but golf has been her favorite sport since childhood and she took up the game only in her late senior years. She published her first book of poetry in February of 2011.  She is currently working on her memoir.