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February 10 – Challenge: Capture Shades of Grey

by Martha Slavin

Slavin Grey

How many shades of grey can you find in this picture? Do you feel surrounded by grey in the winter?

We’ve had our share of grey days this month–lots of rain–but also fog and grey skies. Looking out at the dark grey clouds, grey landscape, grey roads, I began to feel greyness in my soul. It all seemed to be just one shade: fog.

My challenge to myself: paint the beauty in shades of grey. I started taking photos of every wintry shade of grey I could find. Back in my workroom, I painted a palette of greys using a foundation mix of an ultramarine blue, quinacridone red, and hansa yellow. I changed the ratio in each box and added other colors from the pencil list below. I also tried painting with black tourmaline, hematite, and neutral tint in the hope that I wouldn’t just have flat grey. The minerals in the watercolors separated as they dried so the colors became more appealing.

Grey 2

I found multiple shades of grey. Maybe I could create a beautiful grey painting after all!

I was lucky that we visited Pt. Reyes over the weekend. I found grey everywhere I looked: boat docks, bridge girders, water.

I found blue greys in the bumper of a truck:

grey 3

I found yellow grey by a boat dock:

grey 4

and reddish grey in the morning clouds:

grey 5

and realized the depth in shades of grey. Now I’m on a grey painting binge. Here’s the first Grey Horizon:

grey 6

My challenge to you:

take photos of the grey skies around you right now. Send me your results. You can post them to my Google +Collections page at https://plus.google.com/collection/k9LjEB or Instagram at #postcardsintheair, or email them to me at marthaslavin@gmail.com.

I’d love to see what you find. And maybe by looking grey in the ‘eye’, you will find the beauty in grey days too.

Martha Slavin is an artist and writer. Her blog, Postcards in the Air, can be found each Friday at www.marthaslavin.blogspot.com She also writes poetry, memoir pieces, and essays. She creates handmade books, works in mixed media, watercolor, and does letterpress. She lives with her husband and two cats in California. This post was originally published on Martha’s blog.