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May 7 – Caution

by Sally Jean Brudos

Walk, run, hop, skip and jump and by all means take the stairs; the mantra for the weight loss program at the Stanford Department of Dietetics.  O.K.  I can try that – and I did.  But, now I am more cautious. 

My son Eric had just started a new job in a tall building 50 miles away in downtown Oakland.  “Come for lunch and I’ll show you around the office.” he said. “Call me when you get to the parking garage and I will greet you at the office door.”

After maneuvering the freeways 680, 880 and 980, I finally arrived at the tall building.  Following instructions, I called him and started to go up in the elevator.  The only problem was his office was on Floor 17 and the elevator that I had taken only went to Floor 15.

So – Oh, I can take the stairs two floors up.  The stairway door; quite a heavy door at that, slammed shut and I began my ascent.  When I got to Floor 17, the door to the hallway was locked. PANIC! What do I do now?  Go back to Floor 15 and find the other elevator.  But, the door was locked on Floor 15 as well.  PANIC!  I took off my Patten leather dress shoe and pounded on the door to no avail. 

Then I saw a phone – but no one answered.  PANIC!  I raced down the stairs and tried every door.  I’m not sure which floor it was that I finally found unlocked or how many times I picked up the phone on each floor, but I do know it took fifteen to twenty minutes before I walked out of the elevator to Eric’s questioning eyes.  We calmly looked around the office and then went downstairs in the elevator to the café on the street level.

Just as we were ordering our lunch, we heard the loud scream of sirens and saw three huge fire engines approach the building.

(I guess that telephone did ring some where after all!)

Sally Jean Brudos was a closet writer until breast cancer showed up on a mammogram and she began writing with other women in the “Sisterhood.” From the positive comments she realized there is a writer in everyone. A survivor, Sally Jean now leads a small group of women writers who encourage each other with laughter, tears and compassion.