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February 23 – Adoption Adventure

by Linda Lehmann

A decision that changed my life forever was deciding to go through the adoption process. After two years of fertility tests and drugs, we decided to end the quest of trying to have a healthy baby on our own. Throughout those two years, I took drugs, did numerous tests, had injections, did countless hours of praying and hoping–all to no avail. It’s still amazing to me that I never got sick from any of the drugs, injections, probing and testing. My husband and I went into the whole infertility ordeal with a positive attitude and kept that same attitude to the very end. The main reason we decided to end all of the infertility methods was the very next procedure that was introduced to us was in vitro fertilization. We found out that it was an extremely expensive, our insurance might not cover it, and that the invasive procedure may or may not work. That was the turning point for us.

My husband and I still look back and say that we did everything we could have possibly done to have a baby. We weren’t sad, we weren’t mad, we were just determined to have a family. With the help of our gynecologist, we started the adoption process through a reputable adoption agency.

One phone call and letter to the agency started everything: the mounds of paperwork, background checks, reference choices, and gathering fertility tests records. We were selected for adoption in February. Our first meeting was the week of Mother’s Day; the second was the week of Father’s Day. We had a group meeting the week of our tenth wedding anniversary.

Every month I called the agency to see if there was a baby for us, and every month I was told to call back the next month to see if anything has changed. We waited.

One month I called and the agency’s social worker told me that my husband I better start getting a few things ready. How odd. We didn’t have a single thing for a baby so, I made the trip to a local furniture store and bought some baby furniture. I requested that friends at the furniture store not tell a single person that I just bought some baby items. We didn’t want anyone to know that we were trying to adopt except for our parents. We wanted it to be a surprise!

The very next month, on a rainy day, I received a call from the agency telling me that I had a baby boy. I went numb. My boss told me to go home. I must have had an “I don’t know which way to turn” look on my face.

My husband and I picked up our precious little boy the next Monday and from the very first moment I saw him I knew he was going to be the love of our lives.

Linda Lehmann has been writing for the past five years for the local newspaper and has decided to expand her horizons by trying other forms of writing. She has been married for forty-one years.