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June 9 – Introduction to “The Other Side of the Story”

by Daphne Priscilla Brown-Jack

After an hour and a half, the jury returned with the verdict. My
heart began to pump cold blood through my veins as anxiety
overwhelmed me. I wanted to go into the courtroom and hear
the verdict, but fear grasped me and weakened my innermost
being, the part that kept me sane. My body began to weaken
like a flower deprived of water. Given the sick feeling in my gut,
it was to my advantage that the investigator had me go sit in the
waiting room. It was almost as if my pulse racing–as if
she could read my mind.

While my son, daughters, I waited for the verdict, we
prayed. As we sat in dead silence, I noticed the uneasiness of my
youngest daughter. could not quite read her true feelings, but I
knew something was wrong. As I observed her, she stood and then
bolted out of the room. Concerned, I asked the investigator to go
find her and check on her. When the investigator came back, she
informed me that she was fine. The investigator then went to sit
in the courtroom to hear the verdict. I sat at the edge of my seat
while my eldest daughter cried, “I know it is not guilty! I know
it is not guilty.” A few minutes later, I noticed the doorknob
turning, and my heart began to beat like never before.

The investigator opened the door.

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Daphne Priscilla Brown-Jack is author and has been an inspirational/motivational speaker for over twenty years.  She speak on topics like “Keeping Life Simple” and “Face Your Fears, Accept your Fears, and Move Around”. The Other Side of the Story is her first book.