Today a woman somewhere is laughing, weeping, grieving, or celebrating. Someone is giving birth; someone is losing a loved one to death. Relationships are forming, others are ending. For some, this will be an ordinary day filled with many of the same activities as yesterday. For others, something unexpected will suddenly make this day unforgettable, one that they may tell their children and grandchildren about in the future. In the same way that we are curious about how our grandmothers lived, future generations will be interested in learning about what an ordinary day was like in our lives.

We are looking for stories from Story Circle Network (SCN) members. Think of a day in your life that you would like to write about. It may be something that happened on a specific date or something that reflects a certain holiday or season. Then, submit your story or stories on our blog post submission page. (use your SCN member login information to access the submission page).

For information about how you can become a member of the Story Circle Network please check out our membership page.

Please join us in being a part of One Woman’s Day!

When you submit a post to One Woman’s Day you are giving us first-time rights to publish it on our website. You retain the copyright to your work and are free to publish it elsewhere after it has appeared on our site with this credit: This piece was originally published at Story Circle Network’s One Woman’s Day blog, and a link back to the post. If your post has already been published on your personal blog please include a link to the original post so we can give credit and link to your blog post.

12 responses to “About

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  3. Thanks for the invitation. I will think of a day and submit as soon as I receive my login and password. Thanks!

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  5. will put a few days thought into this and submit. tks for the invite

  6. So glad you said an ordinary day can be great. I celebrate any day I can get out of bed.

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  8. What are the submission guidelines?

    • Barbara, we welcome submissions from members of Story Circle Network about an ordinary or extraordinary day in their life told in 500 words or less. For more information about becoming a member of Story Circle Network please check out the link above. Please feel welcome to email me directly (linda dot hoye at gmail dot com) with any questions you might have about Story Circle Network.

  9. Blanca Martini

    Thank you for the invitation! I am a new member of SCN, I received the membership as a birthday present from my best friend and I am very excited to participate and get to know each other.

  10. Blanca, we are so happy to have you! Juliana

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