November 6 – Ode to My Gardening Gloves

by Sara Etgen-Baker

Alas, beautiful gardening gloves, I knew you well. I remember the early March day I opened the package and slipped you onto my hands. At first, you were a bit stiff and uncomfortable; but over time you softened and became my weekly companion, pulling weeds, cutting flowers, and guiding the nozzle on the water hose that allowed our foliage to flourish even during the hot summer months.

You’ve faded from our days together in the sun; the bubble grippers on your fingers are worn, and your fingers are tattered and torn and worse for the wear. I will surely miss you as I will miss the warm, languid summer days we shared together.

Sadly, I’ll soon cover my hands with my woolen mittens and furry gloves. But you’ll hold a special place in my heart as I stand on my front porch shivering and yearning for next spring’s arrival. And inside my desk drawer, I’ve placed my new pair of gardening gloves already purchased for next spring.

Each morning when I open my desk drawer, I’ll slip them onto my hands and say, “Spring’s coming. Spring’s coming.”

A teacher’s unexpected whisper, “You’ve got writing talent,” ignited Sara’s writing desire. Sara ignored that whisper and pursued a different career but eventually, she re-discovered her inner writer and began writing. Her manuscripts have been published in anthologies and magazines including Chicken Soup for the Soul, Guideposts, Times They Were A Changing, and Wisdom Has a Voice.



4 responses to “November 6 – Ode to My Gardening Gloves

  1. I have several pairs (sometimes only singles) of those worn out friends. I enjoyed reading about yours.

    • sara etgen-baker

      thanks, Ariel, for reading the post and for your comments. I have several single gloves, usually the left hand glove. I’m right-handed so I wear out the right glove more than the left. 🙂 Glad you enjoyed the words.

  2. Your worn out gloves sound like my worn out body from pulling weeds, planting hosta, solomons seal, etc……Raking leaves, mowing grass. Just not able to get a new body for spring.

    • sara etgen-baker

      Ha, Ha, Patricia. Well said. My body, too, is a bit worn out. Hopefully, it will recover before spring. 🙂

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