December 30 – Sharing My Life

by Doris Jean Shaw 

Dad’s construction job took us around the country. When the job was completed, we moved, often two or three times a year.

I loved seeing new places but I missed my extended family. By the time I could write, I was writing letters: newsy notes that told of the places we lived and the exciting things we saw. Each new place was an experience to share.

During the Vietnam war I wrote letters to anyone who asked, even those I never met. A friend would say that his buddy did not get mail and I would add him to my growing list. When my own brothers entered service I wrote to them. When we received an answer I let my children hold my brother’s picture as the letter was read.

As my children went off to college I loaded them down with picture post cards. Even though there was not much room, they did write. They continued the habit as they traveled the world and sent back post cards.

Technology advanced and today I send emails along with letters and post cards. Not wanting to just say: “Hi. How are you? I’m fine.”, I began to write stories about events that happened in my life. Writing lets me share my world with others.

“Like cold water to a weary soul is good news from a distant land.” (Proverbs 25:25, New International Version)

Lord, thank you for the gift of communication so I can share my world with others.

Doris Shaw is a retired educator, Life Coach, author and member of Beauregard Parish Writers Guild “The Ink Blots.”  She loves to travel and writes romances, children’s stories and devotionals.  She presents a workshop, entitled “Reclaiming Me” that helps others find direction for their futures.


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