December 29 – Electric Blanket

by Jeana Pruitt Weeks


I have a new love. It’s a love so true and pure I get a little misty whenever I think about it. Please don’t think me shallow when I tell you the object of my affection is, well, an object. It’s my electric blanket.

I had long forgotten what a beautiful thing a pre-warmed bed was. I have suffered under pounds of blankets for far too long. For Christmas my husband generously relieved my cold-footed misery with a gift of a dual-control velour king-sized electric blanket–complete with auto shut off and a darn near angelic reheat function. It was love at first plug-in.

I had an electric blanket years ago when I was single. It now gently keeps my little girl warm. For so long, I have lived without a truly warm bed, deciding I really didn’t need to spend that much money on a blanket when I could just sleep in socks.

But I was wrong. I needed this.

When I slip into a luxuriously warm bed at the end of long day, I feel so genuinely blessed. I know most of the world has never had this experience nor will they ever. Just thinking about my gift of a warm bed on a cold night makes me warm on the inside (pardon the pun).

Okay, so, yes, I know I live in southern Texas. Yes, I know most of the country simply laughs at what we call winter. (Which, by the way, we laugh at what most of the country calls summer, but I digress.) I firmly admit I can’t handle the cold. It’s just not in my blood, which has thinned out after a lifetime of southern living.

Which is why, I love my electric blanket. If I knew who created such a miraculous invention as a way to warm a bed without setting in on fire, I think I’d kiss him or her, provided he or she was among the living.

My husband lamented that he’s now been replaced. I told him that wasn’t true.

We both knew I was lying.

Jeanna Pruitt Weeks, educator, consultant, blogger, teaches home school. Member of the Ink Blots.


2 responses to “December 29 – Electric Blanket

  1. What a “heart warming” (no pun intended) story. I just hope you and your husband don’t forget the benefits of snuggling bodies.

  2. Very descriptive. I enjoyed your post and the ending made me smile. For us in Canada an electric blanket or several hot water bottles are a necessity.

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