December 27 – Yoga Rant

by Jeana Pruitt Weeks

Yoga Woman on a dock by the ocean

Yoga Woman on a dock by the ocean © Yanik Chauvin | Dreamstime Stock Photos

Let me preface my rant with the statement that I am an old mom. I had my first child at age 36. I am 42 my kids are 5, 4, and 1. I try hard not to let my children lose out because mommy is an old fogey. I take my kids for walks, to the park, let them “practice” the piano, and get into tickle fights with them. Because my life just wasn’t stressful enough, I have taken on the task of homeschooling my oldest little darling–an exercise not for the faint of heart. I have a couple of collegiate degrees under my belt, I felt I should be able to handle the kindergarten curriculum without too much trouble.

I just can’t help feeling old. Take today for example, I took my daughter to the library to let her check out some books. My other two hoodlums were in preschool. It was a nice break and reminded me that there is, indeed, life beyond math and phonic.

Things were going well until we were checking out. Across the foyer from the circulation desk at our library is a large open multi-purpose room. Today, the purpose was to host the “Mommy and Me Yoga” class never giving it more than a passing thought. I just couldn’t comprehend how I could make it work with three preschoolers. Yoga, as I have practiced and understand it, is supposed to be about being calm and peaceful, focusing on your essentials of being like breathing and muscle control. There is nothing calm about my three kids, and there is no peace for me when they are all awake in the same room.

As we were waiting patiently in line, we couldn’t help but notice all the activity across the way from the gaggle of tots and moms laughing and packing up to go home. My daughter asked what all of the kids were doing in the other room. I pretended not to know. I couldn’t avoid the conversation altogether. The moms were rolling up yoga mats, all the while smiling and chatting. They seemed like a happy lot, those moms in their yoga pants, ponytails and big smiles were almost young enough to be my kids.

That’s when it hit me: I am just too old to be at peace with community yoga. Right now, I don’t think I could find the mental peace to even pretend I would enjoy it. After shaking my head at myself for the comparisons (the negative ones aimed at me), I decided I am okay with this. I’ve been dealt a different hand to play, and I need to stop trying to peek at someone else’s.

I did what any 40-something homeschooling mom of a kindergartener would do, I looked at my daughter and asked, “Hey, do you wanna go to Panera Bread to finish your lessons and get some lunch?”

Without blinking her eye, she said “Oh, yes, mommy!” Mommy’s age crisis over for the morning.

Jeanna Pruitt Weeks, educator, consultant, home schools. Jeanna is writing a blog to help other home schoolers. She has published articles in the Beauregard Daily News and other magazines.


One response to “December 27 – Yoga Rant

  1. Keep up the yoga. I started in my twenties doing a ten to fifteen minute routine at home. Decades later I can still hold a plank for 90 seconds easy, stand on my head in the middle of a room, etc. This week I took two very long hikes through canyon country near where I live. I attribute my ability to do these things, e.g. the hiking, carrying 50 pound bags of horse feed, to yoga.

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