November 19 – Time-Lapse

by Ariela Zucker

If my pen, like a camera, was capable of condensing a whole summer season into one day using a time-lapse technique here is how my typical summer day as a motel owner would appear.


Hiring new stuff and retraining the old; spring cleaning galore. Fixing and sprucing up; restocking the supplies. Refreshing all the schedules and getting ready for a flood of reservations and last-minute cancellations

The toilet in room 2 is clogged. The bed in room 5 creaks. The curtain rod in 17 just broke. The Wi-Fi is slow; the mattress too soft. The mattress is too firm; the window doesn’t latch. The air conditioning wouldn’t hush. It’s too dark outside. The light comes up too early and the neighbor next door so noisy. What, only twenty channels! No swimming pool? What are we to do?

Maybe write a blog because it’s rainy all day long.

No brown sugar, no bananas either. I wish there was honey, or at least some peanut butter. I’m lactose intolerant, gluten sensitive too. Where is that damn ice, didn’t I pay a full price?

Couldn’t sleep a wink, those peepers make me crazy. Couldn’t sleep a wink the dog next door barked all night. Couldn’t . . .  Yes we know.

Huddled under the blanket all night, the hyenas were laughing in the dark; I think I saw a mouse. So much nature; too much nature; please give me some shopping malls. Forests and lakes, and ocean, and ocean and forests and lakes, need something interesting for the kids–maybe a mall?

The leaves are turning but it is still raining. How long will it take to get there from here? We can’t find it on the GPS.

Thanks for your hospitality, motel with such quaint personality.

Have to leave, bummer,
Till next summer.



I fold the lawn chairs, dim the lights, close the front doors, lock them twice, winter is on its way, time to rest.
Ariela Zucker was born in Israel. She and her husband  left sixteen years ago and now reside Ellsworth Maine where they run a Mom and Pop motel.


One response to “November 19 – Time-Lapse

  1. There is nothing more rewarding than sitting down with a good read alongside a loving cat. Enjoy!

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