September 19 – Follow Your Dream

by Doris Jean Shaw

Follow your dream. I remember reading a Dear Abby column where some older person wanted to go and get a degree. The family said she was too old. Abby said something to the effect that it didn’t matter because time would pass anyway. If she wanted to go to school she should do it.

I heard about a 98-year-old woman who never missed Bible Study. When asked why she never missed she replied, “I am cramming for finals.”

Sometimes the chance to live your dream gets dropped in your lap. I never dreamed I would have a chance to go to Hawaii until my son was stationed in the Pacific and offered me a room if I could make it there. Ever since then, I have been trying to get back. I will make it someday.

Other dreams you have to work at like graduating from school. I dream of doing retreats. At the moment, I am at a stalemate but soon I hope to begin the process of making my dream come true.

Wonder what you have to have to make a dream come true? Does it take a lot of
planning or do you just go for it? What is your dream? What do you need to do to make it come true?

Doris Shaw is a retired educator, Life Coach, author and member of Beauregard Parish Writers Guild “The Ink Blots.”  She loves to travel and writes romances, children’s stories and devotionals.  She presents a workshop, entitled “Reclaiming Me” that helps others find direction for their futures.


One response to “September 19 – Follow Your Dream

  1. I followed my dream by obtaining my Bachelors degree and Masters degree in my 40’s. Then miraculously had a 23 year career using those skills. Now being retired I am in pursuit of honing my writing skills.

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