September 12 – Being First

by Doris Jean Shaw

I hear the gripe that no one wants to be first. My husband insists that his father told him to never volunteer. Teachers especially deal with the fact that when they ask a question, no one raises their hand to answer.

Guess I am different.

I was the first in my family to graduate from college. I set a new trend; I might even be called a leader. Got me to thinking about others who have been first.

Ever wonder who was the first to cross the Red Sea? Moses was busy holding up the staff to keep the sea parted so someone had to step up and be first to step out on dry land at the bottom of the river.

Other first are more memorable: like the first one in space and the first man on the moon. I wonder who was the first one off the Titanic?

What other first could we celebrate?

How about the first sandwich, or being selected as the first from the writer’s
group to attend a conference at the Billy Graham Center in North Carolina? I am so excited to go to the Christian Communicators Conference. What are you the first to do?

I was also the first to get a Master’s degree. Does that make me a nerd?

Doris Shaw is a retired educator, Life Coach, author and member of Beauregard Parish Writers Guild “The Ink Blots.”  She loves to travel and writes romances, children’s stories and devotionals.  She presents a workshop, entitled “Reclaiming Me” that helps others find direction for their futures.


2 responses to “September 12 – Being First

  1. I was the first to obtain a bachelor’s and a master’s degree in my family. I also became an ordained minister/chaplain which was a first for the family as well.

  2. I love the idea of celebrating the ‘firsts,’ because it seems as though everyone could name something….

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