September 5 – Let’s Get Physical

by Charlotte Wlodkowski

I’m talking to you! Look me in the eye when we meet, and not down at your Smartphone or your iPad, or your Kindle or whatever device you are using. If I see your eyes, then I know we are really making contact and you are interested in what I am saying.

When we are introduced, shake my hand as though you are glad to see me. A physical handshake identifies me as a real live human being whom you acknowledge.  That’s one of those ‘feel good’ things in life that I look forward to receiving every once in a while.

Oh my gosh, can you not turn up the ends of your mouth and smile? Yes, a smile is very important. It means you are happy to be wherever we are at the time. It means you seem to be happy to see me which is important from a business relationship and also a human relationship.

Speak directly to me. Not to the side of my neck. Not over my shoulder. Not to the ground. Turn your head so it sits in the middle of your neck and speak. Words will come directly to my face and thus, I will hear them. We should then have an interesting conversation no matter how short. Make your words lucid and edifying. Not just a “Hello” and “Goodbye.” Don’t speak to me in shortcut Smartphone or iPad symbols. I need honest to goodness words in order to reply correctly and keep the conversation going. If you consent, I would be happy to instruct you in the art of conversation which is a give and take of audible words.
Once these rituals are established, it will be to your benefit and mine. We will be able to share (as you would say) data and pleasantries in this new way. We may be able to perhaps open a bridge of communication and sometime in the future accomplish something terrific together.

I challenge you to put some effort into our next meeting. It may surprise you to know that I am worth the effort.

Writing family stories was the beginning of recognizing a new form of communication for Charlotte Wlodkowski–writing. A member of the Millvale Library Writer’s Group, it is her hope that her stories opens the hearts and mind of readers. 


One response to “September 5 – Let’s Get Physical

  1. Very well said Charlotte. Thanks for reminding us about the true art of communication!

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