June 13 – Rising High

by Doris Jean Shaw

I sat here on the balcony sipping coffee when a round blob popped
over the tree top. As I watched it rose higher and higher dragging
a basket up into the sky. The balloon lifted slowly as if it took a breath and rose up in the sky. One blob after another joined the first to welcome the sun.
Some of the balloons were brightly colored and stood out against
the blue sky. Others may have been brilliant up close but from a distance the colors blurred together. Bad weather had delayed the launch waiting until the wind was still and the sky almost a white backdrop.

It has been my desire to go up in a hot air balloon. My husband prefers to keep both his feet permanently planted on the ground. I wonder what it would be like
to rise slowly to embrace the dawn and feel my feet become as light as the air.

One after another they rise and drift to the east becoming hidden by the trees.
My camera could not capture the moment. I guess for a while this will be one of those things that is so immense that you write it in memory until you can get a view up close.

Doris Shaw is a retired educator, Life Coach, author and member of Beauregard Parish Writers Guild “The Ink Blots.”  She loves to travel and writes romances, children’s stories and devotionals.  She presents a workshop, entitled “Reclaiming Me” that helps others find direction for their futures.


One response to “June 13 – Rising High

  1. I’m with your husband……feet planted solidly on the ground, but go for it if this is your passion.

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