April 2 – Computers. Ugh.

by Doris Jean Shaw

Computers. Ugh. We’ve heard you can’t live with them and you can’t function without them, or something to that effect. I struggle with computer and internet issues all the time. A friend once told me that I just had to accept it as this was life’s reality now. OK, but I disagree. My computer does not do what it did yesterday and the internet refuses to let me access. I get messages saying it is not available and to try again.

I have been frustrated enough to throw the computer out the window but have resisted the urge. Replacing the window might be a task that I am not up to doing. I thought my computer was broken so I took it in for repair. It was not broken, just old. Somehow that sounds like me.

My computer dies and what I was reading online disappears into cyber space. I guess that means that if  I go through the whole process again, I might be able to find the article I was reading. I try that, looking up “cattle guard”, and am unable to find the same site again. I repeat the process several times.

I sit here and the computer tells me that the power is low and I need to plug it in but I have a better idea. I am going to turn the computer off and get out paper and pen to write a note to my friend. That is, if I can find the address without resorting to having to look it up on the computer.

Doris Jean Shaw is an educator, a Life Coach,  and author. She loves to travel and writes romances, children’s stories and devotionals. She presents a workshop entitled “Reclaiming Me”  that helps others find direction for their future. Find her at www.reclaimingme.net.


7 responses to “April 2 – Computers. Ugh.

  1. I found this right after I updated my phone and had to change my password AGAIN on both the computer and the phone and I totally identify with your excellent post. WTG!

    I grew up with one black and white TV in the house and a radio in a big case that sat on a book case. I can barely keep up with technology some days. Frankly I’d rather write, but I wouldn’t even do that if it weren’t for the delete key. Hmmm.


    Writer Advice Managing Editor, http://www.writeradvice.com
    Author of YOU WANT ME TO DO WHAT? Journaling for Caregivers & Author of TALENT

  2. Oh I love this! It’s so true: I’m so helpless without my computer and truly helpless with it if I need to troubleshoot. Thank God for the Genius Bar. They know me by my first name there!

  3. How complicated we make our lives with computers, phones and everything else electronic. Hope you can find some paper and pen satisfaction. I’m sure your friend will be happy to receive a real letter.

  4. Reassuring that I am not the only person challenged by the computer age and all of its benefits and vicissitudes

    • Several reasons why I love my computer and especially Facebook: I have friends in Pakistan, Thailand, Brazil, Argentina, Austria, Ireland–you get the gist of this. Because of computers I keep in touch with them often. Without my computer…. I also blog. No computer, no blogs. I teach high school. All grades, etc. go into the computer. This is much easier than the old hand logs. Because we use Macs at school, I am typing this on an iMac, and I have an iPAD, I now even do all my photography via computer. I do wish I had better skills to do fancier things, perhaps one of these days.

  5. I have had my share of posts on this topic as well. Computers can be so frustrating yet when they are working well they are wonderful. These days things are okay with me. For now my computer is working as it should be.

    Arlee Bird
    A to Z Challenge Co-host
    Tossing It Out

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