March 28 – Wind’s Blast

by Doris Jean Shaw

Wind blew snow against the cold panes of glass forming a frosty window of nature’s own design. Droplets clung–not daring to run lest the frosty pattern be dissolved into a running rivulet of water. The house shook and trees swayed in rhythm to the wind’s assault. Thirty, forty, fifty mile per hour gusts tumbled down the mountain side and raced across the open plains. Temperatures below freezing allowed the snow to glaze over the road reflecting back the light from street lamps as they danced and glided across the pavement. Visibility was limited to a few feet as the clouds hovered just above the ground causing a white out.

Shivering, even in the heated confines of my living room, I pulled a blanket over me and stared out the window into the whiteness. Wind shook the snow off the branches where they had landed and now cascaded down to the ground. My hands were cold and a nice warm cup of tea felt good to the insides as well as the out–performing double duty.

I was so glad I did not have to chase cows or mend fence to keep the horses corralled in weather such as this. I have heard of people freezing in blizzards. This was no blizzard, just a final assault of winter before spring would come. I had seen daffodils popping up their heads already but this blast of cold could delay others from blooming.

I will sip my tea and enjoy nature’s show outside from the warmth of the inside. My brother says: “Its 70 degrees inside.” That means I don’t have to go out. Yeah.

Doris Jean Shaw is an educator, a Life Coach,  and author. She loves to travel and writes romances, children’s stories and devotionals. She presents a workshop entitled “Reclaiming Me”  that helps others find direction for their future. Find her at


3 responses to “March 28 – Wind’s Blast

  1. The descriptions were so graphic. Enjoyed

  2. I enjoyed your vivid description of winter’s lady assault.

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