February 25 – Sunrise

by Doris Jean Shaw

sunrise-1453431097Rql (2)

I sat in the dark room sipping my morning coffee staring out the window.

The sky was dark but a thin line of white lay on the horizon. As though being pushed back by the light, a streak of blue appeared and grew as the dawn began to make itself known. The room lightened and I waited for the sun to come up.
When it did not make an appearance I moved to the window to get a better view.

A line of clouds hung on the horizon but they could not keep the sun from peeking through breaks in the clouds with rays of light like darts hanging from a board on the wall. The clouds became rimmed with red and reflected on the few clouds hanging out in the sky. The sky was a mixture of pink tints bouncing against the sky. Soon the red ball of the sun popped up above the clouds dispersing the darkness.


To me it is a daily reminder that I can begin the day anew with the surety that with the new day I have hope to make a new start, forget the  mistakes I made yesterday, and get a second chance to do things better this time. In all my years, I’ve had many second chances? It makes me wonder why God can be so gracious that He holds out hope to those who look for it. I may not get much accomplished today but I will work on it.

The sun is up and I start my day. Amazing!

Doris Jean Shaw is a Life Coach, author, and member of Beauregard Parish Writers Guild “The Ink Blots.” She loves to travel and writes romances, children’s stories and devotionals. She presents a workshop entitled “Reclaiming Me”  that helps others find direction for their future.


6 responses to “February 25 – Sunrise

  1. Beautifully described! I felt like I was sitting with you, watching the sunrise, and it gave me such a wonderful feeling. Thank you.

  2. Thank you for sharing your spacious sunrise.

  3. Malini Rajendran

    I love the way you’ve described the sunrise! The morning sun compels me to put my adventure shoes on and go for a long trek! Keep writing .

  4. Doris Jean Shaw

    Thanks, I appreciate all the responses. I love to get up and watch the sun rising or setting.

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