December 21 – Giving Thanks

by Doris Jean Shaw

So Thanksgiving is over and you think the season for giving thanks is over.
Wrong, it has only begun.

Each morning, I thank the Lord that I can get out of bed. Every night, I thank the Lord that He helped me through the day. I try to remember to thank God for all the blessings He sends my way.

When my grandchildren do something cute I thank God that they are part of my life. As my two celebrate an accomplishment or pass a milestone I give thanks for the guidance that has gotten them this far.

In Hebrew, there is no word that means “to thank”. The closest is one that means “public acknowledgement”.

Give thanks to the Lord. I know you have something in your life to give thanks for but do you remember to do it?

Doris Jean Shaw
Doris Jean Shaw is a Life Coach, retired educator, and author. She loves to write about her travels, along with children’s stories and devotionals.


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