December 17 – Napping

by Doris Jean Shaw

I tried to take a nap this afternoon but my brain must have been in overdrive. I just couldn’t keep all these thoughts from wandering around. Why is it easier to nap on the sofa than to go to bed? I guess that going back to bed indicates negative energy and I don’t want to go there.

While I was stretched out on the couch, not sleeping: the phone rang three times. None of the calls were so important that they could not have waited until later. A truck clanged by with so much noise that I thought it should be helped out of its’ misery. To top it off, I kept thinking about all the things I could be doing.

Do I give myself permission to nap? It is a habit that will be hard to break if I start?

I can’t seem to keep my eyes open. I lose the argument with myself no matter which side I chose. Babies nap and their world is a lot better because of it. Cats nap and they are in a different mood upon awakening.

So what pleases me?

I can’t decide, but I did type this and intend to turn over and pulled up the blanket.

Doris Jean Shaw

Doris Jean Shaw is a Life Coach, retired educator, author. She loves to write about her travels, along with children’s stories and devotionals. 


4 responses to “December 17 – Napping

  1. Glad you finally gave yourself permission to nap. I can’t seem to do that either unless I have a legitimate illness.

  2. I certainly wish that I had learned to nap! Nancilynn Sent from my iPhone


    • Since I like getting up early, staying up late, and napping in the early afternoon, I live in the wrong country. I did exactly this last summer when I was off from teaching. Was that ever a mistake! When school started and I had to get back to a normal US schedule, it was difficult. If I ever get to Spain or Argentina, I will probably never leave.

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