May 31 – Morning Moments

by Linda Hoye


One of the great gifts of retirement is the opportunity to wake naturally in the morning when my body is ready. After so many years being jarred awake by the clamour of an alarm–too often after a mostly sleepless night and with my mind in go mode before my feet even hit the floor–to wake according to the rhythm of my body is a precious luxury.

These days I wake gently, often with the dawn in these late spring months. With the windows open, morning air fresh in the room, and the sound of birdsong filling the room, I surface slowly to a wakeful state. I stretch, perhaps holding lightly to the remnants of a dream, and listen to the calm cadence of my Yorkie Maya’s snoring and the peaceful resonance of Gerry’s breathing. The day stretches in front of me rich with possibility.

I take time to pray for those who are on my heart. I think about the day ahead–not in the hurried stomach-churning way I once did—instead making plans with gratitude and anticipation. There is work to be done: gardening, things around the house, and errands to run; there are also creative pursuits like photography prompts, writing projects, and even some quilting projects I’ve been thinking of getting back to.

There is satisfaction in knowing I have the gift of time and I can choose which activities to focus my attention on that day. I find deep satisfaction in living, not according to unrealistic deadlines and unrelenting demands all too common in the corporate world, but instead moving to the ebb and flow of this simple life we have chosen.

The June garden calls to me like a siren and, on those days when I can tell from the early morning air that it’s going to be a hot one, I make plans to head out early to work. On other days I consider the harvest that is already beginning: the canning, freezing, and dehydrating projects that are ahead of me; and I plan how I’ll fill the pantry this year. There is always something to think about; something to work on. I am busy according to my own schedule and pursuing passions that fulfill.

There are still challenges in this life: concerns about situations that cause angst; circumstances I can’t control; burdens that, at times, feel too heavy; but in these early morning hours when I linger in bed listening to the sweet melody of the finches waiting for the first rays of sun to come through the window, I am at peace and filled with gratitude.

These still morning moments strengthen me. I am blessed.

meLinda Hoye is a writer, editor, adoptee, and somewhat-fanatical grandma who recently retired from a twenty-five-year corporate career. She lives in British Columbia, Canada with her husband and their doted-upon Yorkshire Terrier and finds contentment in her kitchen, at her writing desk, behind her camera, and in her garden.

She is the author of Two Hearts: An Adoptee’s Journey Through Grief to Gratitude and blogs at A Slice of Life.


10 responses to “May 31 – Morning Moments

  1. Linda, I envy your ability to go with the flow. Retired four years now, I still wake with a sense of all I have to do. Today was particularly so because I am fixing dinner for eight. I still need to relax and enjoy the gift of time. Plan to try to do that when school’s out and I don’t have to be on deck at 7:50 to give me grandson a driveway hug on his way to school.

  2. karenrsanderson

    It is so nice to see friend Linda Hoye over here. How lovely it would be to enjoy every morning when my body feels up to it. I hope someday I can retire and enjoy that gift. Now, that gift is my weekends when I can “sleep in” until 6:00 or 6:30. I suppose, no matter if you are working or retired, there are always things to worry about. I think that is our lot. If other followers have not been to Linda’s A Slice of Life blog, I highly recommend it.

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  4. Thanks for coming by One Woman’s Day, Karen, and for your kind words! Enjoy those weekends now when you can go with the flow of your own body. Having experienced many years when my weekends were the only time like that, I can tell you for certain that when you do retire you will find a precious gift waiting for you there. 🙂

    • karenrsanderson

      Juliana – I work in the department at Minot State University that places student teachers with teachers in the school system. I applaud your profession…much more so since I’ve been in this job!

  5. I feel the same way.

  6. One of the things I love about my job as a teacher is that I work when it is cold and miserable outside and have summers off, e.g. now when it is beautiful out. Unlike most of you, I have zero desire to retire because I really, really enjoy my job and feel I make a solid contribution to the world when I am doing it.

  7. I loved living this day with you!

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