May 2 – Forgot

by Doris Jean Shaw

This morning I made the coffee. We have a fancy machine where you heat the water before you make the coffee. Well, I forgot to heat the water before letting the machine perk. The mess that dripped through looked more like weak tea than a strong brew and it was cold. So much for starting the day out right with a nice cup of coffee. Guess I will just have toast.

I put the bread in the toaster and moved to clean up the coffee debacle. The toast stuck and burnt sending smoke around the kitchen. Flaying at the rising smoke with a dish towel proved futile as the smell enveloped me and settled on everything. I had to open the door to get the smoke out. Forgot the alarm code and sent the wail through the house.

Time to do laundry. I put the clothes in the washing machine and close the lid. When I come back to throw the clothes in the dryer, I discover I forgot to turn it on.

Out to check the mail, no need to worry about the alarm. HA! I find the letters I had put in the box back in my box unsent. Seems I forgot to affix a stamp to send them on their way.

Passing by the hall mirror, I see that I had put my shirt on wrong side out because I forgot to turn it right side out. Could this day get any worse? I doubt it.

Lunch is delayed because someone forgot to turn the burner on. Noon finds me totally frustrated and the house still smells like burnt toast. I find myself snapping at Bud and he has this puzzled look on his face. I feel light-headed and my stomach is growling. In the hubbub of the morning, I had forgotten to eat lunch.

Bud doesn’t deserve to be a victim of my forgetfulness and neither do I. I get Bud settled to watch his favorite morning show and decide to hit the rewind on my day. I slip into my pajamas and go back to bed, pulling the cover over my head and looking for the reset button. I am going to see if I can find my memory button and start this day all over again, on a more positive note this time.

Doris Jean Shaw

Doris Jean Shaw is a retired educator, Life Coach, author and member of  the Beauregard Parish Writers Guild–The Ink Blots. She loves to travel and writes romances, children’s stories and devotionals. Mrs. Shaw presents a workshop, entitled Reclaiming Me that helps women find direction for their futures.


One response to “May 2 – Forgot

  1. Was this a travel story or a devotional? Has potential for both.

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