July 4 – A One Woman’s Day Thank You


by Linda Hoye

Three years ago I was sitting in my lawn swing on a sultry summer afternoon reading the stories of women’s lives. I was honored that year to be one of the second-round judges in the Susan Wittig Albert Lifewriting Competition sponsored by the Story Circle Network and was captivated by the stories I was reading. The topic that year was “Letting Go” and, as you can imagine, the stories were as diverse as the talented women who had written them.

As I read these stories and experienced a glimpse into the lives of the authors I wondered about stories my mother or grandmother might write about a day in their life and what a treasure it would be to have those stories written down to be cherished and shared.

I conceived an idea for a blog where we could give opportunity for women to share the stories about a day in their life and, after a time of refining the idea, getting input from others, gaining the necessary approvals, soliciting posts, and developing the site, on January 1 2011 One Woman’s Day published its very first post by Stephanie Barko.

Today, two and a half years later, One Woman’s Day has been honored to give voice to sixty-five Story Circle Network members in a total of 142 posts! And the stories! Ah, the stories they’ve told.

We’ve laughed at tales of mishaps like that of Sally Jean Brudos; we’ve been awe at tales of medical miracles like the one shared by Mary Jo Doig; and we’ve wept at stories of loss like that shared by Patricia Roop Hollinger. We’ve been privileged to introduce readers to Story Circle Members and link back to their own blogs like Cathy Scibelli’s The Iconic Muse and Letty Watt’s Literally Letty.

Mostly, we’ve just enjoyed reading the stories about a day in the life of another women. The blurb on our submission page reads:

Today a woman somewhere is laughing, weeping, grieving, or celebrating. Someone is giving birth; someone is losing a loved one to death. Relationships are forming, others are ending. For some this will be an ordinary day filled with many of the same activities as yesterday. For others, something unexpected will suddenly make this day unforgettable, one that they may tell their children and grandchildren about in the future. In the same way that we are curious about how our grandmothers lived, future generations will be interested in learning about what an ordinary day was like in our lives.

It has been a pleasure for co-coordinator, Laurinda Wheeler (my daughter!), and me to present these stories and we thank you for sharing them with us and the readers of One Woman’s Day. We hope you’ll take some time over the summer to write about a day in your life and send it to us so we can share many more!

Linda Hoye is a writer, editor, adoptee, a somewhat-fanatical grandma and author of Two Hearts: An Adoptee’s Journey Through Grief to Gratitude. She currently lives in Washington state with her husband and their two doted-upon Yorkshire Terriers and is counting down the months until retirement, when they plan to move back to Canada to be closer to their grandchildren.


3 responses to “July 4 – A One Woman’s Day Thank You

  1. I think this is such a beautiful idea, and you and Laurinda have managed it wonderfully! In my mind I always think of it like the “A Day In The Life Of…”
    photography project, only instead of a camera, words are used.

  2. What a wonderful post! I really enjoy this feature of Story Circle Network, and thank you and Laurinda for conceiving the idea for it. And thank you for the link to my blog. I hope anyone who needs a smile or a laugh will get one if they visit the blog, and especially anyone living with cancer or a chronic illness will hopefully come away realizing you can LIVE with illness and still smile and laugh. Thank you Story Circle Network for giving women an opportunity to share our stories.

  3. I have been grateful for an opportunity to share my stories with other women as in my latter years I explore and hone my writing skills.

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