December 29 – Remembering Michael

by Patricia Roop Hollinger

“Pat, Mike is dead” are the words that echoed through the mouthpiece of the phone when I picked it up May 3, 2009.

What is the best way to deliver the news that a mother’s son is dead? There is no best way. Mike’s father delivered the news the best way he was able, as his shock was just as real as was mine.

I prepared his Memorial Service. My role as ordained minister took charge. My husband was dying of cancer. There were just seconds and minutes to reflect and remember.

My gift to myself this holiday season was the gift of TIME and SILENCE to read words that Mike and I had written to each other over the years. To read his poetry written while coping with chronic pain. To truly KNOW and grasp the depth of his pain. He left me quite a legacy by writing down his thoughts and feelings. REMEMBERING Michael is now a part of my DNA and always will be.

Patricia Roop Hollinger: Chaplain/Pastoral Counselor/Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor for 23 years at same hospital where once was a consumer. Seeker of the “truth” which has set me free. Third marriage to high school heartthrob 2010 the best yet. Musician, voracious reader and hopeful writer. Cats a must.


3 responses to “December 29 – Remembering Michael

  1. Thank you for sharing this story with us Patricia. I’m glad you gave yourself time to reflect on your son and the love that you shared.. May the new year bring you love and peace.

  2. Pat, my heart goes out to you. We have very much in common. You are gracious in accepting life’s pains and pleasures. I wish you peace.

  3. Pat, thank you for sharing this part of your heart with us.We have that loss in common. Best wishes for lightness in the coming year.

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