February 8 – One Dazzling Day

by Juliana Lightle

When people ask me who I am, I tell this true tale of one dazzling day:

The rancher next door called one Saturday morning begging for help. Three truckloads of yearling cattle had arrived; several of his cowboys had committed a no-show.

I pulled on jeans and boots, brushed my hair, and headed for the pens and chutes. I held their legs while they were “cut”, shot them full of meds, and branded. In four hours we worked over 300 head.

Lunchtime arrived. In one hour my volunteer job at the state park gift shop began.

No time for a bath; I smelled of smoke, blood, and poop. In one-half hour I applied make-up, mascara, blush, sprayed perfume all over me, changed clothes, and headed for work.

At five, I closed shop, went to the restroom, changed into the third outfit of the day and headed for a health care volunteer gala.

Two hours later I attended the opera, silently singing along.


Juliana Lightle writes on the canyon rim. Her new blog, Writing on the Rim, will appear in the next week. She raises horses, teaches high school, sings with a master chorale, and wanders.


7 responses to “February 8 – One Dazzling Day

  1. Wow! this just made me smile :-D!

  2. Sounds like a great day to me. I’m always followed my grandmother’s advice of not having all my eggs in one basket. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Juliana, I do feel that I know you now, and wonder, how do you ever find time to write? Nice piece, and congratulations on the new blog. Most of the time my eyes glaze over at the sight of poetry, but you captured my attention and appreciation.

  4. Juliana – I loved reading this again. Great story! Lisa

  5. Juliana,

    Now that’s a day–full engagement of the senses and the body. And all without skipping a beat, such quick transitions. My hat’s off to you. So glad to read this post here.

  6. Love it! Share with the kids; they need to see what a real woman can do!

  7. Awesome day! I can visualize every moment!

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