April 29 – Relatively Resemblent

by Marjorie Witt

As Mother’s Day 2011 nears, I reflect on annual dual celebrations of Mother’s Day and Mom’s May birthday each year until her 52nd year.  She would have been ninety this year.  As my 62nd birthday rolled around this month, I went through the decade old process of sadness the turns to grief over her lost years. It feels strange, scary and uncomfortable to get older than her. But one thing I have learned is that when this annual reminder comes around, a sense of humor helps to create balance.  In that spirit I share the following weblog entry I wrote a few years back.

A few years back I was trying to train a new hairdresser. One day…
Hairdresser says: How about something a little different?
Note: This is the 2nd time she has cut my hair.

I say: OK whatever.

Wash…rinse…snip snip…gel…hairdryer…gook…teasing…hairspray…I look in the mirror.

Hairdresser: Do you like it?

Me: hmmmmmm

Hairdresser: Well I’m not letting you out of the chair until you say you like it.

Me: Do you think you can tone it down a bit?

Note: Is Aquanet back in vogue?

A little tugging here and there…actually she pulls on one hair and they all move. She pats the sides of my head but the mass just springs back into form.

Hairdresser: Better?

I look in mirror:

Me: Sure it’s fine.

I’m walking down the street. I look in windows. I see my mother:

I’m not dense. I know what comes next…grandma: 

Margie Witt joined Story Circle Network over ten years ago intending to “write the book.”  Memoir may be the goal but is currently best pursued in short stories as life unfolds with complex challenges. Balancing work, play, and raising a grandson leaves little time to write so blog posts appear with less frequency these days at www.wittbits.blogspot.com


3 responses to “April 29 – Relatively Resemblent

  1. Margie,

    I love this! Thank you for starting my day with a chuckle of recognition!


  2. This made my morning- three generations of lovely!!

  3. Margie, This is so funny! The pictures are amazing; lucky you your mother was a beauty so you’re all set!

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