April 19 – A New Perspective

by Teresa Werth

 Everything in my environment is ordinary. The sun is shining. The dog is jumping and ready to play. The morning newspaper proclaims disasters great and small. The oatmeal, raisins. and walnuts all tumble together and cook in the microwave just as they always do. It’s on ordinary days like this I feel especially far from my son and his wife. They live and work in the Caribbean on the island of Barbados in the West Indies.

As I take my breakfast out to our screen porch, I try to imagine what they might be doing…same time zone, same bright sunshine, but half-a-world away I realize that I don’t really know what their ordinary day is like. From our infrequent visits there, I remember some of their routine, which is really no routine at all. Everything that’s said about “island time” is true. Their friends, a chef, a Long Island insurance guy who works from Barbados half the year, a bar and restaurant owner, some or all of them drop in for breakfast sometimes. Or our son gets up and goes surfing or golfing or to the college to teach or help students with their projects.

I’m still sunk in this decade-belated “empty nest funk” when I finish breakfast, clear the dishes and go to my desk. Turning on the computer, I start to plan the rest of my day: chores, meals, correspondence, projects. I call up my Gmail, and there’s a message from the far away son with an attachment. Nothing in the text box. I open the attachment.

It’s not an ordinary day, after all!

Teresa Werth writes because she must. Ever since kindergarten, she has written poems, stories, songs and plays. Writing and revising words give her great joy. Her most recent experience as a breast cancer “thriver” informs her latest work and admits her to a unique sisterhood. A retired communications professional, she celebrates life daily, making memories, providing ample inspiration for observing life through a new filter!

4 responses to “April 19 – A New Perspective

  1. What a wonderful message! Congratulations!!

  2. Love it, Teresa–especially the “It’s a Girl!” photo, which reminds me that our children have such a wonderfully healthy attitude about bodies. When I was pregnant (50s, early 60s) we draped ourselves with “maternity tops,” designed to conceal our bellies. Love that proud belly-announcement in your photo!

  3. Really enjoyed your essay. As an empty nester myself, I’m still waiting for some sort of feeling to hit me but it probably won’t for a very long time. With all boys in the house – I’m thrilled to have some peace bu, on the other hand, my sons have all moved back to the Chicago area so there are still plenty of visits for free home cooked meals and free laundromat service! GREAT PHOTOS!

  4. Such a great post, Teresa! As one grandma to another I can imagine your excitement at opening this email! Your granddaughter is adorable.

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