March 15–Let’s Not Get Carried Away

by Becky T. Lane

When the appraiser came out to assess the damage, after our metal roof got lifted right off the house, he stood looking out over our property and said “You have one of the best views around.” Then he turned back to look at our roofless house, and continued with “That means you get the best winds, too.” He wasn’t just awhistlin’ Dixie.

Fortunately for my hubby, the gods were watching over him last Tuesday. Here in Wimberley, we started the day off with a pretty good rain, which had all but stopped by mid-morning. I was sitting here at my computer, typing away, when all of a sudden a rogue gust of wind came slamming into the window in front of me, causing me to jump right out of my chair. A second later I heard a huge crash coming from the direction of our driveway. What did I find when I ran to look out? Well, it seems our patio umbrella, which someone forgot to lower, its heavy wrought iron base, and the entire teak picnic table, had been lifted up, carried about 20 feet, then dumped practically on top of John’s brand new car!

I ran from window to window, checking for funnel clouds, before I finally had the nerve to step outside and assess the damage. What did I find? The table was resting butt up against John’s car, with maybe one or two inches to spare, but as far as I could tell, there wasn’t a scratch on it.

So, here’s my question. If the winds up here are strong enough to pick up that table, or even an entire roof, and can come out of nowhere without any warning, what’s to prevent them from picking up, say, a slightly plump, frizzy-haired woman?

Becky T. Lane lives with her husband in the Texas Hill Country. She writes about their quest for the good life on her blog Seasonality ( Recently she began a second blog, Miss Becky Goes Abroad ( which recounts their adventures in Southeast Asia and the Middle East, as newlyweds in the 70’s.


5 responses to “March 15–Let’s Not Get Carried Away

  1. Becky, I think your chances of sailing away would be enhanced if you’d wear a patio umbrella for a hat. 🙂 Your post makes me smile–lively writing!

  2. P.S. Meant to add: also a great title.

  3. Great! As always Becky, you had me smiling!

  4. Oh, Becky, I heard ya! I’m a bit north of you, at the edge of the hill country. I sat on our front deck one day and marvelled as I watched a dust devil, maybe fifteen feet high, come marching up the driveway, just like a car driving in. Then it curved and came right at me. I closed my eyes, held tight onto the umbrella shaft, and was buffeted like I’d never been before in my life. It seemed to last forever. Fortunately, I’m more than a bit plump. *G* I saved the stand and table but the umbrella was a loss. Wow, such force in such a small tornado. Makes for a lot of respect for Mother Nature, as if I needed to be told. Sam

  5. Thanks ladies! I’m just glad we weren’t actually at home, the day the entire roof was lifted right out of the rafters, then scattered to the four winds. I might never have had the nerve to sleep here again, after a night like that! We made sure the new one was attached with screws, rather than just nails.

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