January 9 – Baby Time

By Linda Hoye

On January 2, 2009, my daughter gave birth to a beautiful baby girl! I was blessed to be with her as she labored to bring Makiya Rose into the world and to spend a week helping the new family adjust to the changes. This trip provided an unexpected opportunity to step out of my regular stress-filled existence into a simpler, quieter, more peaceful place run strictly on baby-time.

In baby-time there is no attempt to adhere to personal schedules as everything revolves around the needs of the infant. Aside from tending to the baby’s needs, one could (and we did) spend countless hours just looking at the face of the sleeping baby, fascinated by the expressions she makes while sleeping. In baby-time, holding the child to coax a burp is an opportunity to kiss the top of the cloud-soft head, and to inhale deeply the scent of newborn baby that is like none other.

Holding this new baby in my arms over the past week has been one of the most profound experiences of my life. As I have held her, rocked her, talked softly to her, and prayed over her my mind was not tempted to wander. Tasks not completed, or put on temporary hold back home, held no interest for me. I was not tempted to check my email and only logged on to distribute pictures of my beautiful granddaughter to friends.

Occasionally, I found my mind wandering back to the time when my daughter was born. As I cradled my granddaughter I was struck with the miracle of this circle of life as I remembered my mom being with me soon after my daughter was born. Then, soon, softly, gently, and with little effort, I would return to baby-time.

Today I journey back home and I find myself walking through the airport with a serene smile on my face, wondering if anyone can tell that I am a new grandma. I consider how the birth of this tiny infant has changed not only the lives of my daughter and her husband, but also my own. I will never forget the privilege and honor of being able to share the first week of her life with her and her mom and dad.

Linda Hoye is a full-time HR Management Systems Analyst, a part-time writer, and a full-time and fanatical grandma. Linda and her husband have four children and two brilliant grandchildren. She maintains a website at http://lindahoye.com/.


9 responses to “January 9 – Baby Time

  1. It is wonderful to be the Grandma!

  2. It was and still is such a beautiful time…

    Nor will we ever forget having you there, during that amazing first week; all of your love, help and just being there, even to answer simple questions, we have been so very grateful…
    Love and Hugs!!

  3. Beautiful story, Linda–and a beautiful time of sharing between generations.

  4. Super story Linda! Thanks for sharing- There is nothing better than being there when your grand babies are delivered- it makes for a truly special start to a special bond. Congratulations to all three of you- Being a grandmom totally rocks!

  5. Nothing beats the sweetness of a baby granddaughter. The good news is that (at least in my experience) they become even sweeter with age. (My oldest is nearly 16 now) Blessings!

  6. I’m not only looking forward to being a grandmother, but to experiencing the special quality that time takes on when a baby is in our lives. Now, I have a name for it: Baby Time! Thank you, Linda.

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